H.P.S, Inc. is a independent paralegal firm that was created in 1999 by Renee Messina-Hazien. The company specializes in estate planning, guardianships and probate. We also assist clients in mediation, small claims procedure, creation of corporations and HOA/Condo Law Issues.


Probate & Estate Planning Specialist

     As a certified paralegal, I concentrate in the preparation of legal documents (Living Wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament) for the administration of Guardianships and Probate, as well as sophisticated Estate Planning. In addition to assisting attorneys in this specialized area of law, I provide assistance in the areas of law wherein the general public may represent themselves such as: small claims, uncontested Divorce, HOA and Condo issues, as well as other issues that may arise wherein the public can represent themselves.

     I obtained my Certificate as a Paralegal in 1993. I achieved my National Certification as a Certified Paralegal in 1995, and obtained my Specialty in Probate and Estate Planning in 1999. I began my own company, H.P.S, Inc., as a freelance paralegal in 1999. I have also obtained my Mediator Certificate for the State of Florida. I have served as a past Board Member of the Nova Paralegal Studies Program as well as served (3) terms as the President of the Paralegal Association of Florida (Broward County Chapter).

     On numerous occasions, I have acted as a keynote speaker at seminars and presentations addressing all aspects related to Probate, Guardianships, and Estate Planning with specific emphasis on a paralegal’s role related to these areas.

     In addition to being a certified paralegal, I had an opportunity to become a Licensed Community Property Manager (CAM) in 2006. As a HOA President, I had insider knowledge on managing a large association and I wanted to put it to work. I worked for a management firm, before starting my own full-service management company, LCM & Company Inc., in 2013. As a licensed property manager, I provide assistance to associations with: day-to-day management, financial management, facilitating board meetings, consulting, as well as many other services.



My Precious Son Adam 

 I remember the day that Adam Was born
Such a wondrous day I’ve never Known
Born on Friday, May 30th Nineteen Eighty Six
Which will stay in my mind,
Permanently fixed He’s brought me joy, from that
First day He is with me always,in my Heart to stay
I’ve watched him grow to a fine Young boy
He laughed and played,
he was Such a joy Always loving and happy,
with A smile on his face I can feel his love, which can’t Be replaced
He was smart in school, his Marks were so good
Adam made me feel proud as I knew he would
From boyhood to manhood he Had friends galore
He was kind and loving right To the core
He had many friends he gave Nic names to
They remember his spirit and his Love was true blue
Whether family or friends each one Will recall Adam happy go lucky, and caring
To all He could be whatever he wanted To be
Adam graduated college with a Marketing Degree
He liked rock-n-roll music, right From the start
The concerts he went to brought Joy to his heart
Adam gave so much love to his family And friends,
precious one You’ll be with us always,
in Our hearts, my Son!

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