To provide the highest quality service to Attorneys at an affordable price and within the shortest possible time period.

How often have you wished you had a “right arm”? Someone to assist you with your heavy caseload? How often have you had to refer a probate case or guardianship case out? How often have you sought out ways to increase your productivity without increasing the costs of doing business or overhead?

If the answer to these questions is often, HPS Inc. is the paralegal service for you. Our paralegal services are provided on a case by case basis, thus enabling you to expand your practice in a cost-efficient manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, creative and ethical paralegal services to our clients, all while understanding our clients objectives and tailoring our service to meet their needs.

What we do

H.P.S., Inc. (Hazien Paralegal Services), is an independent paralegal firm that specializes in Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianships, Corporations, Business Contracts, HOA and Condo Law and more. H.P.S. is ran by Ms. Renee Messina-Hazien who has more than 20 years experience as a certified paralegal. We service all of Florida. Clients can contact us at 561-929-5628 at their best convenience.



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    I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and admiration for your service to our condominium. Your knowledge of the industry, combined with your manner, both professional and personal, kept us all in line and on track with whatever task was before us. You guided without commanding. You informed without preaching. You expected that the association would be operated like the corporation it is. You elevated the standard.

    And you understood that a property manager is a resource for the association and not its dictator. You successfully navigated the difficult channel that exists between your employment with a firm and the needs of a community--the two not always being in agreement. You realized that your legal obligation was with the association.

    I'm sure that not everyone you contact has the depth of understanding you have for the industry. But if those people follow the example you present, they will come to improve the experience of community living.

    Thank you,


    Denis Caravella
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    "It has been my extreme pleasure and honor to be acquainted with you for several years as a paralegal and leader in the community."

    Randye Kagen-Wilner, The Fund

    Randye Kagen-Wilner, The Fund
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    "When I first approached you for assistance, I had no idea just how helpful you would be.  You were there when I needed you and you gave freely of your time and knowledge.  Rest assured, I will be calling- soon."

    Dean Bress, Esq

    Dean Bress, Esq
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    "Ms. Renee Messina-Hazien is kind , courteous and to the point. Not only did she take documents that I needed to update, you also did it in a timely manner and with no fuss. I use HPS, Inc. for all my legal needs and I recommend them all of my clients."

    L. Lucchini

    L, Lucchini
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    "Ms. Renee, your with familiar with HOAs and your ability to identify the appropriate forms I was able to file my claim as a creditor in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case involving a homeowners who has denied owners record access since 2004. Once again I thank HPS for your professionalism and passion for justice."

    P. Preston, Former President of Spanish Isle HOA

    P. Preston, Former President of Spanish Isle HOA
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    "Thanks for your attention to my Guardianship files on such short notice."

    David Eagle, Esq.

    David Eagle
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    "Thank you for your quick and efficient service with the preparation of the Wills and Trusts."

    Jeffrey Rosenberg, Esq.

    Jeffrey Rosenberg, Esq

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